The Studio

A Melbourne based boutique video production studio specialising in creative film making.

Factory 86 is a video production studio that utilises a film making perspective to craft videos that inspire and delight.

It is about making videos that resonate the desired emotions while also looking fantastic. A video needs to feel as good as it looks. It is a joy to craft a vision that brings a concept to life and helps people express their ideas through the richness of emotive multimedia.

If you are interested in hiring Factory 86 for a project or are just curious what we can potentially help you with, feel free to contact via LinkedIn or email

The Process

Creating the perfect video for a client is no small task, it requires clear communication and a mutual understanding of what the video needs to achieve.

The key to successfully developing a video is by having complete control over the entirety of the creative process. This is accomplished by keeping everything in house. The editing, colour grading, motion effects and visual designs are all done in the Melbourne studio.


Develop a successful and engaging idea with the client.


Determine the location, time and talent required to film.


Set up equipment and talent for filming.


Craft the video in collaboration with the client.


Digital delivery of the video by agreed date.